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Introduction to online learning and adult education courses

Many individuals sadly never received a formal education, or the grades and academic achievements that they truly deserved.

This could be for many reasons. Perhaps they were never given the opportunity? Maybe they suffered from illness or were simply in the wrong learning environment?

However, learning and academic study no longer has to stop at 16 or 18 years of age. The introduction of e-learning and adult education courses, has now made the world of continuing education accessible for everyone.

So, whatever the reason may be for not achieving academic success while at school; continuing education via the elearning route is now the obvious choice.

What is e-learning?

When we use the term e-learning, by definition what we mean is that of learning via the internet. Learners use electronic media and technology in order to learn outside of the traditional classroom, as all learning is done from home. Adults who embark upon an elearning course, can undertake single programme study, a degree, or series of study modules. This is why many learners choose to go down the elearning route, as it is a flexible way in which to study and can be tailored around daily life, such as working and looking after the children.

What can be studied via distance learning?

Most subjects are covered in relation to adult education courses that are e-learning based. Most distance learning continuing education courses will cover a variety of subjects that include: Financial and business Studies; Design; Healthcare; Languages; Law; Teaching; Technology and Writing and Publishing.

There are so many online courses to chose from when you decide to embark upon continuing education.


Gain success through e-learning

Adult education courses that are studied via the elearning route have many benefits and are a sure way to guarantee a successful study environment and outcome, giving you the career that you have always wanted.

When you choose distance education, the way in which the adult learning modules are presented, allows you to work independently at a pace that suits you. However, this does mean that you need to have incredible self-motivation and self-discipline. The work ethic involved with adult learning that involves distance education, requires more self discipline and an organised lifestyle than if you attend a regular college or university. It is the learner who sets their own targets and has to stick to them.

In essence it is the learner who is responsible, and them alone, for their own success or failure, and this is ultimately what is empowering.

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Online degrees

Taking one of our online courses, in order to receive a degree, has significant advantages over attending a college or university. Not only is traveling a thing of the past, e-learning will also allow you to work to your own timetable, giving room for some paid employment or to take care of important obligations alongside studying. Also, you are not restricted to just an African degree course – the world is your oyster – so select one that will fit in with your future plans.

Skill Improvements

There are many reasons why improving skills is important and it really isn’t as difficult as you might think, especially with the advent of a widely available internet and online courses. Perhaps you are living in a rural area of Africa or maybe obtaining further education is problematic due to restricted access to resources; this should not be used as an excuse to defer improving your skills – it is merely a challenge that will make you all the stronger in your professional life.

Medical exam prep

A medical career offers tremendous opportunities but obtaining a medical degree is a demanding option that requires years of hard work and dedication. Now, medical and nursing students in Africa have the opportunity to access help and support to succeed in passing their medical exams with e-learning materials.

What Students Say

 Online courses become a more and more popular and affordable education tool, let’s here the voices of students about their e-learning experiences.

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  • Working together with a huge network of colleges and universities ed2go offers online adult education courses for a big variety of topics.
  • High-quality is essential for the engagement and the courses are deemed to be affordable.
  • You are supported by an instructor and integrated in a community with other students.
  • The average duration of each course are six weeks and it consists of twelve lessons.
  • On the website of ed2go you find the catalog with all available topics (hundreds!) and the prices of the courses.
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  • Udemy.com is one of the leading world wide online learning marketplaces (e-learning). More than 9 million students participate worldwide. With more than 35,000 courses most topics are covered and taught by experts. The courses are available on demand so that the learning is possible anywhere at any time, on the own pace.
  • Udemy courses are available in 80 languages.
  • The courses are charged with a fee. The fee varies from courses to course, based on the different Levels.
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  • Lecturio is a German based e-learning platform. It’s characterized by its motto “reliability, focus, simplify, joy and think big”.
  • The core topic of Lecturio are medical courses.
  • The offered learning programme is a combination of provided videos and the answering of thousands of questions by the Qbank tool. This enables the good preparation for the USMLE and MCAT exams.
  • Before paid registration the first courses are for free in order to test the suitability.
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  • Coursera is the leading online course provider for courses provided from the top worldwide universities!
  • All kind of topics are offered and can be booked, the range is enormous.
  • Against a fee the successful training will be certified.
  • Explore 1000+ online courses from top universities.
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