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About us, in this case, is about me.
I am the publisher of this site and an expert in e-learning.

Inspired from the lack of overview about the African edtech (e-learning, m-learning, online courses) market, I address this site to African students and lecturers to encourage them to invest in themselves. Although I’m situated in Germany, I am passionate about the development of African people and countries. Since many years, I am involved in African projects, in various countries.

My motivation are the many situations where too many young people are confronted with too many access hurdles of the (higher) education system. Given this, I want to contribute to a better access to education for young people and students in Africa. Because I believe in the strong development of many African countries in the next years.

e-learning overview

Our first aim is to give you an overview about the African edtech market and to describe the e-learning market situation with some background data.

e-learning providers

Our second aim is to make it easier for you to find your appropriate edtech provider. We give you an overview about the various global and regional African edtech providers and which are their products.

e-learning offer for you

Our third aim is to list some possible e-learning motivations and to present and compare the suitable edtech provider for each aim you have.

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 the more information I get the more I can provide

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... more about your personal experience with the different levels of education in your country (secondary & tertiary level). I am always happy about any kind of feedback which I can integrate in my articles.

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