Elearning for kids in Uganda: Our schools are failing and Technology can save them all!

Uganda School system
The recently released Primary Leaving Examination results in Uganda indicate a familiar pattern that shows our school systems are in a state of disarray. In 2016, 9% of the students scored in division 1 while in 2017 the results were worse. That’s why we reason that elearning for kids in Uganda is a very important topic.

So what are we going to do about this, we are going to do the same thing we did last year. I have a prediction for 2018, The % of students in division 1 will hover around 7-9 %. we can’t do the same thing every year and expect different results.

Reading the press a lot of analysts have come up with solutions, and these have revolved around building more classrooms, curriculum review, better pay for teachers among others. Luckily the solution has been hiding in place sight.

New technologies needed
We can save all …

Massive Open Online Courses: Top 5 categories

Massive open online courses are popular
E-learning and massive open online courses (the so called edtech) are booming, also in Africa. Often we talk about massive open online courses in a more general manner.

Africa, continent, of the youth, aims at a skills gap between rich and poor. But online education can be one important tool to improve the access to higher education. Edtech benefits of the rising access to mobile phones.


Today we want to enlighten the massive open online courses subject in a more specific manner: Which are the most demanded massive open online courses topics in Africa.

We did our inquiry based on massive open online courses available at Coursera.

For your further interest, see also the article about easy payment methods for massive open online courses, based on cheap online money transfers.

Financial Engineering and Risk Management:
This course draws some aspects from finance and economics, mathematics, statistics, engineering, and computational methods. …

Language learning apps

Learn English online? Learn French online? Learn German online? Arabic, Hindu or Chinese?
This language learning apps article offers some useful advice if you have decided to study English, Russian, German or French or would like to improve your skills in any second or other language.

Improved prospects with a learning app
In Africa, recent improvements in wireless communication infrastructure and the widespread use of mobile phones have helped the growing population to gain access to the Internet and smartphone applications. These improvements have enabled students, business men, employees and companies to participate in the global online community.

Against this background, mobile phones are used for many everyday situations including educational applications for personal development. The devices are perfectly adapted to the needs of students in emerging markets and countries.

For students of English or French who wish to improve their vocabulary and grammar, smart phones represent a very cost-effective solution. The popularity of …

Python programming online courses comparison

Online Course Comparison
Distance learning has become a common way of studying in the twenty-first century. Probably, increased life demands have forced people to engage in distance learning as it allows them to earn a living as they continue to advance their acquaintance. As a result, there are many online course providers. They structure their courses in a way that enhance learning by making the experience of their learners interesting.
The courses they offer may have common knowledge objectives, but vary in terms of quality, content, charges, and structure. Coursera, Udemy, and Ed2go are examples of online course providers who offer similar courses, but with varied content, requirements, structure, and payments. A good example is Python Programming Language.

Python Programming Language

Cousera offers a Python programming language online course at a cost of $49 every month. Learners have an option to cancel their online learning any time, depending on their schedules. At the …

3 successful answers to get leadership skills

Leadership and getting leadership skills is a hot topic for many African students or young management people. There is a common sense that there is a huge opportunity for many African societies and economies to improve their living standard based on an improved leadership education of the future generation of management leaders.

Now, the question for all students is how to get these leadership skills. And which are the leadership skills.

The basis for each secondary and tertiary education must be the established educational institutions such as colleges and universities. They are the first point of access to the needed knowledge. Nevertheless, sometimes there might be occur the need for additional know how or the need to get the know how in a different manner.

Acquire successful leadership skills with e-learning

And that’s the point where the so called e-learning enters the discussion. E-learning means mainly the participation in online courses via PC …