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Continuing education is the key to achieving your goals and for African students looking to boost their skills and fulfil their potential, e-learning is an attractive solution, expanding the concept of continuing education away from traditional settings to reach anyone with a mobile device and the internet. Whether you live in a rural area where additional education and learning resources are difficult to access or whether you find online learning more convenient because of your personal circumstances, online courses have removed many obstacles to education across the continent. E-learning offers new educational opportunities to everyone with internet access via a smartphone or other device: you can choose from a wide range of courses that meet the pressing need for skilled workers in today’s employment marketplace.

Continuing training is essential for professional development but when you’re short of time, it can be hard to keep up with rapidly changing requirements. Our courses are tailored to meet your needs and our most affordable, non-certificated online courses are the perfect way to enhance your skills quickly. Packed with high-quality material, our cheap online courses will help you get up to speed in many different areas of specialisation including leadership, coding, social media and communication. E learning allows the use of innovative continuing education techniques such as learning through games (gamification) and our engaging courses are designed to make learning fun. We support you in your studies with a help desk and there’s also a discussion forum where you can keep in touch and chat with other students.

Continuing Education

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 For example …

Outstanding skills in the creative field
Online courses about arts jobs, creative ideas, design careers and many other creative professions.
Specialization in the IT sector
Coding and programming, Hardware and software, MS Office applications: online courses telling you all you need to know about information technology.
Train leadership qualities
Develop your leadership qualities and styles, learn more about leadership theories and become a good leader.
Specialist in business evaluation
Become familiar with company valuation, consulting methods, communication skills and creation of business models and plans.
Deepen your knowledge of health
Online medical courses about healthcare, medical school requirements and exam preparation, pre medical studies and medical studies.
Professionalization marketing and sales
Become an expert for marketing and sales activities, learn new methods and improve your existing marketing skills.


expanding the concept of education for complete flexibility in continuing training

With online courses, you have complete flexibility and you can fit your study time into your daily timetable rather than the other way around, so you do your independent learning at a time and place that suits you. Whether you need to study after work to improve your career opportunities in your current position or are fitting your learning around family commitments, you have complete control and set your own pace. You can pause the video, replay it and can review the course as often as you like, it’s up to you.

Choosing which course to follow can be difficult: there are several different providers of ed-tech and continuing education courses and it can be difficult to discover the perfect one for you. At apps-for, we have a wealth of experience and insight in the ed-tech sector and can help you find the right course to achieve your goals and dreams.

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