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As e-learning becomes more widely adopted in Africa through the increasing availability of MOOC (massive open online course education technology) and the latest educational apps, self-improvement and distance education courses which once seemed infeasible are now becoming increasingly available. A number of regional e-learning providers use education technology to deliver online courses throughout the region, with a wide offering of course titles to students, teaching staff and anyone who has an interest in learning.

In this article, we review the main regional e-learning providers in the area, along with their relative strengths and weaknesses. We also present an overview of how the various online learning platforms function and how established each provider is.

Africa e-learning providers described here are:

  • (Kenya)
  • (Ghana)
  • (Ghana)
  • (Nigeria)
  • Rethink education (South Africa)
  • Via Afrika (South Africa)
  • Obami (South Africa)
  • (South Africa)
  • OkpaBac (Togo)
  • Samaskull (Senegal)
  • (Nigeria)
  • (Nigeria)
  • E-Coach Solutions

Socio-demographic trends and e-learning

In an expanding education and e-learning market that looks set to become a key baseline for future development and prosperity throughout the African continent, students of all ages and throughout the region are noticing that education is a route to increased personal and professional success.

African demographics mean that the majority of the continent’s population is relatively young. Coupled with this, the KINGs countries (this term refers to Kenya, the Ivory Coast, Nigeria and Ghana) are recognised as the most tech-savvy African countries in this part of the world. Smartphone market penetration is considerable, made possible by good regional 3G network coverage.

Acting in combination, these factors have led to the development of bespoke online courses and the increase in massive open online course popularity, especially when delivered through an online college using educational apps or Web-based distance education.

Education become a high priority

Additionally, recent years have seen youth education become a high priority. Current Rwandan president Paul Kagame has apportioned approximately 17 percent of the country’s national annual budget to the educational sector, for instance. Free state education has improved considerably, while the tertiary education sector has also expanded. The growth figures are quite startling; there were twenty-nine universities in 2010, compared to only one university just sixteen years earlier.

Tertiary gross enrolment ratio (the percentage of youngsters starting a university education) almost doubled between 2008 and 2011 to some 7 percent, although it has to be remembered that this level is still relatively low. From 2009, English has been the preferred language of instruction in state schools (from primary grade 4 upwards), thus making MOOC and educational apps written in that language much more easily accessible to a wider proportion of the younger population.

What has happened

In this a review focusing on e-learning providers and online courses available in Africa, we continue examining the respective pros and cons of an additional six regional leading distance education and online learning providers. Sometimes also referred to as MOOC (massive open online courses), these training and educational opportunities from top universities and colleges in the African region are also occasionally offered free of charge.

As we saw in the above regional providers text, the African educational technology (edtech) industry is currently buoyant and looks set to remain so for the foreseeable future. There are a number of business start-ups in various e-learning sectors, including content writing and software houses that develop online courses and learning management systems. The category list is also expanding, as recently evidenced by the provision of new online educational tools for children.

The term m-learning (or mobile learning) is also often used interchangeably with e-learning. Additionally, many of the platforms include learning management systems, which help students to plan their study timetable and manage their progress.

While distance education providers share the general goal of delivering effective online courses for their students, there are a number of interesting differences between certain m-learning providers in terms of the platform features available and the emphasis placed on the type of tuition. If you are a student, university professor or otherwise interested in e-learning, read on for further detail including how each elearning platform works, an indication of the respective distance education course(s) available and how long each featured online college course provider has been operating.

In summary,

together with South Africa as the continent’s leading economy, educational and MOOC prospects are significant throughout the region. As more and more companies are founded locally, online university and college distance education courses offer the best way to meet local worker and professional training requirements. On a general note before we examine the detail, it should be borne in mind that although some of the leading elearning companies and online university mobile learning providers have ambitious objectives, they are at times dogged by a relatively poor Internet presence. In some cases, this is evident in the quality of the provider website or the training course overview.

Africa e-learning providers

 described here in detail

Further information?

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