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So what is Ed2go.com? This is a leading online US provider of hundreds of online adult education courses. Ed2go.com covers a wide range of topics and has links to all major universities and colleges. All continuing education courses are taught in English.

Adults are able to sample all of the online courses offered by Ed2go.com, as every distance learning course comes with its own free online demonstration. Therefore learners can quickly assess if the distance education course, or subject, is suitable for their needs.

Learning and academic study no longer has to stop at 16 or 18 years of age. The introduction of e-learning and adult education courses, has now made the world of continuing education accessible for everyone. So, whatever the reason may be for not achieving academic success while at school; continuing education via the elearning route is now the obvious choice.

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  • Working together with a huge network of colleges and universities ed2go offers online adult education courses for a big variety of topics.
  • High-quality is essential for the engagement and the courses are deemed to be affordable.
  • You are supported by an instructor and integrated in a community with other students.
  • The average duration of each course are six weeks and it consists of twelve lessons.
  • On the website of ed2go you find the catalog with all available topics (hundreds!) and the prices of the courses.

The cost of distance education with Ed2go.com

The amount you pay will vary depending upon your chosen course. Most courses are within the $50 to $150 price range. All of Ed2go.com e-learning courses can be paid via credit card.

What is e-learning?

When we use the term e-learning, by definition what we mean is that of learning via the internet. Learners use electronic media and technology in order to learn outside of the traditional classroom, as all learning is done from home. Adults who embark upon an elearning course, can undertake single programme study, a degree, or series of study modules. This is why many learners choose to go down the elearning route, as it is a flexible way in which to study and can be tailored around daily life, such as working and looking after the children.

What can be studied via distance learning?

Most subjects are covered in relation to adult education courses that are e-learning based. Most distance learning continuing education courses will cover a variety of subjects that include: Financial and business Studies; Design; Healthcare; Languages; Law; Teaching; Technology and Writing and Publishing. There are so many online courses to chose from when you decide to embark upon continuing education.

Gain success through e-learning

When you choose distance education, the way in which the adult education courses are presented, allows you to work independently at a pace that suits you. However, this does mean that you need to have incredible self-motivation and self-discipline. The work ethic involved with adult education courses that involves distance education, requires more self discipline and an organised lifestyle than if you attend a regular college or university. It is the learner who sets their own targets and has to stick to them. In essence it is the learner who is responsible, and them alone, for their own success or failure, and this is ultimately what is empowering.

What learners can expect when studying an adult learning course with Ed2go.com

Each course is composed of 12 individual lessons with a live instructor who offers the learner support within the interactive setting. This seems to be the most productive way in which online courses can offer help, support and encouragement to those who learn with them. Adult learning also takes place with the use of quizzes, ongoing assignments, tutorials and an interactive online discussion area. Each elearning course lasts for approximately 2 hours. The subject mater is also kept fresh, as new material is introduced every month. At preset there is no app available for their online courses, but this may change in the future.

Course details and examination process

All adult education courses are offered over the course of 11 months, from January to November. The adult learning courses contain a total of 12 lessons: with 2 lessons released every week, on a Wednesday and Friday. All leaners have up to 10 days in which to activate their chosen lesson. With regards to the final examination, these are available for a duration of 2 weeks. When a e-learning course has been successfully completed, then accreditation is given as well as a certificate of completion.

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If you would like to discover more about e-learning or receive further information about any of the MOOC and distance education providers discussed here, please do not hesitate contact me directly today. Whether you are a student or teaching professional, we specialise in mobile education within Africa and will be pleased to help you with your enquiry.

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