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Quick guide: Why Edtech improves education in Africa

Edtech Opportunities Arising from Increases In Affordable Internet Access
M-learning, online courses and other aspects of e-learning Technology (=edtech) have the potential to enhance education provision in Africa in numerous ways. From raising literacy levels in poor rural areas where education infrastructure is lacking to complementing the existing courses at Africa’s top universities, remote learning using educational technology is flexible and very versatile. Deploying case studies and statistics from a variety of sources, this edtech article gives an in depth overview of the ways in which affordable internet access is improving in Africa, and suggests ways to seize this opportunity to improve education across the continent.

The edtech improvement of internet access in Africa: the statistics
Internet access in Africa varies from country to country, with the percentage of internet users in a given country’s population in some areas of Sub-Sahara Africa falling well below half. In South Sudan, for example, statistics show …

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Education in Africa

Overall View
E-learning can close the skills gap in Africa

How to close the skills gap in Africa

About the potential skills gap in Africa: Not a fun fact: There are 128 million school-aged children in sub-Sahara Africa; of these, 17 million children will never see a school.

Here’s another: 37 million African children do go to school, but what they learn will never hold them in good …

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A Closer Look
ESL courses

Improve your English language skills by joining ESL Courses online

The graduate students whose first language is not English should be aware of this language because it is more than the degree that allows …

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Learning areas in comparision

Time management hacks for marketers

Time Management Hacks for Marketers

Today I have the honour to publish on my e-learning site this guest post of ClickTime which I consider worth for you to read, too. Read it and send me your feed back if you could learn something or if you want more information …

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elearning for kids in Uganda

Elearning for kids in Uganda: Our schools are failing and Technology can save them all!

Uganda School system
The recently released Primary Leaving Examination results in Uganda indicate a familiar pattern that shows our school systems are in a state of disarray. In 2016, 9% of the students scored in division 1 while in 2017 the results were worse. That’s …

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