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The cut-set between e-learning and m-health (mobile health)

Technology has revolutionized education in many ways, and one of that is the capability to have online medical courses. The need for online medical courses has increased with more demand for better learning materials. Most educational institutions now provide computer facilities for their students. Combine that with the increase in the use of smartphones and mobile learning becomes easier to achieve. The concept of mobile health has been made possible with the use of devices such as smartphones and tablets to disseminate information. It has also allowed less complicated access to courses that come in handy. Exam preparation for medical students can be a challenging endeavor. Mobile medical courses such as those offered on Lecturio.com provide the necessary ammunition in such instances.

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  • Lecturio is a German based e-learning platform. It’s characterized by its motto “reliability, focus, simplify, joy and think big”.
  • The core topic of Lecturio are medical courses.
  • The offered learning programme is a combination of provided videos and the answering of thousands of questions by the Qbank tool. This enables the good preparation for the USMLE and MCAT exams.
  • Before paid registration the first courses are for free in order to test the suitability.

The following medical sections and education courses are available:

Pre-Medical / MCAT (general)Biochemistry Calculus • Chemistry • Histology • Microbiology • Pre-Clinical / USMLE Step 1 (general)Medical school survival guideAnatomy • PathologyPharmacologyPhysiologyClinical / USMLE Step 2 (general)CardiologyEndocrinologyGastroenterologyHematologyHepatology

The scope of each online medical course comprises:

  • Video lectures
  • USMLE Qbank
  • Recall questions
  • Scripts and topic reviews
  • Mobile and offline access

You can choose from three plans when considering mobile medical study at Lecturo.com. The one month contract is a flexible solution when you want to test out the courses and how well they serve your needs. It is available for 19.99 €/month. You can also choose to pay 17.99 €/month for a three-month contract or 14.99 €/month for 12 months. The best contract choice depends on the scope of your medical education requirements such as difficulty and length of study. Courses are also available for Medical institutes.

Even with the best medical schools, it doesn’t hurt to get help with your studies. Whether you are studying for MCAT, USMLE, MBBS or just need a refresher, Lecturo.com provides mobile health courses that are suitable for all these needs and more. Visit the website and fill in registration for a course contract: Lecturio.com – Online medical courses entry

Why use Lecturio.com e-learning courses

Lecturio.com provides online medical courses (mobile health / mhealth) for medicine and nursing students who they can use for a host of different aspects of healthcare education. The courses offered at Lecturio.com are international but not certifiable, so they act as complementary materials for students. One way to use the e-learning materials on the site is when applying to medical school. For a student in a pre-medical program, online medical courses can help with MCAT and AIPMT exam preparation. Take for instance an individual who did their Bachelors degree in a non-science field and has been out for a while before applying to medical college. Such a person can use courses at Lecturio.com to prepare to enter a premedical program. Meeting the medical school requirements for an MBBS can be difficult, especially when applying to some of the best medical schools, and these online courses can help a great deal.

Some medical and healthcare concepts can be hard to grasp even after going through them over and over. With these courses that come in the form of videos, quizzes and downloadable materials, students have better chances of brushing up. Typically, visual learning is preferable because most people have an easier time remembering and retaining material they watch rather than read. The mobile learning lectures at Lecturio.com capitalise on that.

Lecturio.com gives lectures from qualified professionals in different fields. A student only has to find the most suitable online medical courses for their learning needs. Students from all over the world, even in the top medical schools can use the courses in varying capacities of mhealth. Medical education can be stressful, especially for someone who works part time or has a family. A student like that can have trouble keeping up with their daily lectures. The courses at Lecturio.com provide a way to keep up with different sections of medical study. There is also the advantage of convenience. The lectures are available on all platforms from PC to smartphones, making mobile learning facile. A student can get the mhealth material they need for their MBBS course anytime, from anywhere.

Applying to a medical school, a medical college or a medical university

Medical school requirements vary from region to region and from one school to another. To apply for American med schools, you must have been through undergraduate studies, then proceed to a pre-medical program. Alternatively, an individual can just get the courses required to enter medical school. Then there is the residency program. In the UK, there is a 2-year undergraduate grade requirement, then the Foundation Training followed by the Specialty Training. In most African countries, the performances of students in the final high school exams determine their admission straight into medical institutes. The entry requirements will depend on the specific medical college. Top medical schools always go for the highest distinction whether it’s US or UK–based education.

What you get: mhealth and e-learning

The site has mhealth and e-learning materials of a wide range. By using the desktop version or a mobile app, you can have accesses to video courses of different medical education elements. There is also offline accessibility, making it convenient for you to keep up with your courses. You can try out some courses for free to get the gist of it. There is a USMLE Q-bank that students can take advantage of in their online medical courses. The question bank offers an excellent opportunity to quiz yourself and see how ready you are to take the USMLE. You also get scripts and topic reviews to help with overviews of the fundamentals. Lecturio.com has recall questions for students of medicine and nursing. A course can have any number of lectures ranging from 10 to 400.

Offered online medical courses by Lecturio.com

The courses are deemed to help you essentially to get the certificates at the faculty where you study. The courses shall help for, but they don’t replace the academic lectures. They are supporting courses in addition to your university textbook. So, no certificate for accomplishment but a confirmation of participation.

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