Medical college: Same but different in USA and India?

For people who are interested in joining a medical college, there is the controversial topic; is it better to study medicine in India or the USA?

As e-learning specialist and interested in medical online courses, that’s an interesting topic!


The US and India are known to have the most prestigious and notable medical colleges in the world. Both countries offer much credible medical education systems. -But which of the two is better? Where do you gain more?

Are you considering doing your further medical studies in the US or India? Whether you are an undergraduate or you are doing your masters, it is vital that you understand the differences and similarities between the two systems. You are also better off knowing what to expect in your life as a medical student.

People who are looking into doing their masters are already familiar with the day-to-day life of a medical student. However, first years …

Improve your English language skills by joining ESL Courses online

The graduate students whose first language is not English should be aware of this language because it is more than the degree that allows you to work with the Canadians, Americans and other people of the world as clients or business partners. Today global companies prefer to work with those who have excellent English skills. That’s the reason to speak about ESL courses.

The students who have already studied some English language courses may not be prepared you to communicate well in the business on a regular basis.  To learn the English language in advance, it is strongly recommended that you can join ESL courses that are now available online. For this purpose, you should consider International Christian Online School that assists you in improving your English fluency through conversational topics.

Online ESL courses help the students to become master in the rudiments of the language and help the students to improve their …

Greatest benefits of e-learning

Many individuals are convinced – and have proven – that what you learn outside of the classroom can be more significant in helping you obtain triumph. Individuals who live to demonstrate this idea are the individuals who thought outside the box and accomplished wonderful achievements, thanks to a mixture of ability, perseverance, courage, luck, connections and other secret ingredients of their success.

Nowadays, learning outside of the classroom also means going after your schooling further beyond the physical restrictions of an educational institution. It implies going online to obtain the diploma or probably higher level degree that you have always wished.

Why e-learning?
Thanks to new technologies, people who wish to boost their knowledge and also their academic accomplishments but are unable to do so as a result of personal circumstances are now able to get back to school in a less complicated and a lot more probable setup. One of the …

Elearning for kids in Uganda: Our schools are failing and Technology can save them all!

Uganda School system
The recently released Primary Leaving Examination results in Uganda indicate a familiar pattern that shows our school systems are in a state of disarray. In 2016, 9% of the students scored in division 1 while in 2017 the results were worse. That’s why we reason that elearning for kids in Uganda is a very important topic.

So what are we going to do about this, we are going to do the same thing we did last year. I have a prediction for 2018, The % of students in division 1 will hover around 7-9 %. we can’t do the same thing every year and expect different results.

Reading the press a lot of analysts have come up with solutions, and these have revolved around building more classrooms, curriculum review, better pay for teachers among others. Luckily the solution has been hiding in place sight.

New technologies needed
We can save all …

Massive Open Online Courses: Top 5 categories

Massive open online courses are popular
E-learning and massive open online courses (the so called edtech) are booming, also in Africa. Often we talk about massive open online courses in a more general manner.

Africa, continent, of the youth, aims at a skills gap between rich and poor. But online education can be one important tool to improve the access to higher education. Edtech benefits of the rising access to mobile phones.


Today we want to enlighten the massive open online courses subject in a more specific manner: Which are the most demanded massive open online courses topics in Africa.

We did our inquiry based on massive open online courses available at Coursera.

For your further interest, see also the article about easy payment methods for massive open online courses, based on cheap online money transfers.

Financial Engineering and Risk Management:
This course draws some aspects from finance and economics, mathematics, statistics, engineering, and computational methods. …

Three (East) African elearning success stories

Today, new elearning technologies including information communication technology (ICT) and elearning have become the driving force in the education sector in Kenya. Elearning is very important in helping people to access education easily. It allows learners to carry out their daily activities and learn at the same time.

In the modern world, lifelong learning is becoming an important concept. In this context, people have to advance their skills to fit in the dynamic work places. Elearning allows one to advance their skills without taking long work leaves.

As the African society continually embrace modern technology, traditional forms of pedagogy in higher learning institutions are failing to meet the societal needs.

The Situation of elearning in East Africa
The rise of mobile technology in Africa has become one of the most revolutionary steps in the recent technological growth.  Many people are now using smartphones and iPhones. Major communication companies like Safaricom and Telkom Kenya are …

Key Performance Indicators used for online education programs

Key performance indicators (KPI) are crucial to assess companies. That’s as well true for e-learning providers.

Online education offers many youth in Sub-Sahara Africa the opportunity to benefit from a wider range of programs and courses than if they were to study in person at their closest educational centre. E-learning modules enable you to develop further skills and work towards gaining important qualifications for yourself and your career.

Many young people would not be able to access an appropriate education without the existence of online courses. Crucial online courses can be accessed on any device with an internet connection. M-learning, also known as mobile learning, is becoming increasing popular in Sub-Sahara Africa due to the accessibility of mobile phones compared to computers.

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How becoming a copywriter turned my life – from barely surviving to wealth

Copywriter must be a passion. Nick has this copywriter passion. Doing the research for my e-learning website apps-for-learning.com I met my friend Nicholas from Kenya. He told me the story of his still young life.

Before starting with Nick’s copywriter story, just a brief introduction: What is copywriting? According to Wikipedia, “Copywriting is the act of writing a text for the purpose of advertising or other forms of marketing. The product is called copy.” Copywriter jobs are wide spread, e.g. as freelance copywriter. Idem regarding the copywriter salary.


For me, the copywriter story of Nick was that inspiring that I decided to publish a short description of his biography with this edtech article.

Read here now the amazing rise of Nick and why e-learning saved his life!

Story of Nick and How he became a copywriter freelancer:
“I was born in a village in Kirinyaga County, Central Kenya. There, I grew up in a …

How can I pay my online course?

Online courses become more and more popular as a digital tool to get access to higher education. By enrolling for an online course, you can either opt in just to enhance your personnel skills (e.g. with Udemy courses) or to graduate online (e.g. with Coursera courses).

In this context, read my latest articles about e-learning in Africa:

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Online education: Linking up Africa with some of the best colleges in the world

There are many methods through which a learner can pay online courses. Let’s check the possibilities at the example of Udemy and Cousera.

The following are the methods that are available for the enrolled students.

Online course payment by Online Banking
Students can pay tuition and ancillary fees by online banking. This approach is convenient because it helps the students to make the …

Could blended learning be Africa’s recipe for educational success?

Blended learning: Why is it ideal for Africa?
Talking about blended learning, we see that more and more learners are turning to online courses that enable them to participate in primary, secondary and tertiary education over the web and at a distance from campus.

Debates rage over how best to implement e-learning, particularly in regions such as Sub-Sahara Africa which are ripe for educational reform.

Why do we talk about the education in Africa? I have written about the edtech setting in Africa within the articles “How to close the skills gap in Africa” and “Online education: Linking up Africa with some of the best colleges in the world”.


In this article, I explain how blended learning works and why it is the ideal choice for the African continent. Finally, I formulate some effective strategies for rolling out these types of distance education schemes in Africa.

This article will be of interest to anyone …