The Ultimate Swift 3 (iOS 10) Programming Course (Udemy; 25 $)

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The Ultimate Swift 3 (iOS 10) Programming Course (Udemy; 25 $)

From Beginner To Pro – Swift 3

Requirements: No pre-knowledge required! The course will start all the way from scratch.

Learning promise:

  1. Basics of the Swift programming language
  2. Building the ability to turn an idea for an app into a working iOS application
  3. Aim: Publishing own apps and start making money trough app sales


  • 7 Hours On-Demand-Video
  • 24 additional materials
  • Unlimited lifelong access
  • Watch on mobile devices and TV
  • completion certificate

This course was built with one goal in mind, and that was to create the best course for any beginner who wants to learn the Swift programming language. Just like learning a new language, learning a new programming language can be hard and challenging – if you have to do it on your own.

This course is going to take the challenge out of the learning process, by providing you with all of the knowledge and practice that you need in order to master the basics of the Swift programming language. Trough detailed explanations, this course is not only going to make you understand what to do, but also WHY you are doing it.

When you have completed this course, you will feel confident programming with the Swift language. You will be able to make your own apps, publish them to the app store and start making money!

Sebastian Henry
[Swift Programmer]

Go and get the course!